Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring has Sprung.

So, I had an epic adventure in Montana.

Actually, it's a long story, but suffice to say, it took a lot of creativity to get home.
I'm really glad I'm in Schedule A. We had a two week Spring Break, which was much needed- as much as psych and pediatrics was a lighter schedule than med-surg, the energy involved in caring for the patients was very intense, and I'm glad to be in the community health quarter with Labor and Delivery (babies! Yes!).
I'm placed in a TB clinic which is frightening but important work, and I'm curious to see how things unfold. Our issues in nursing class is also WAY cooler than I thought it would ever be- I am really diggin' the course already. Our dean is articulate and real, and for that I am very grateful- she rocks.

And I got a job! I started looking early. REALLY early- went to career fairs in October, checked out stuff in December, and I applied by happenstance to UCLA med center. Within 4 hours of submitting my application, I had an email that invited me to interview. I called immediately, and got an ICU interview. Then I called back and begged for an ED interview... those were not public, they were reserved for people with Emergency experience.
Awesome. I thought I bombed it. The unit director was very cool, but told me that there was only one position. I cried. I felt like, "wow, I'm great, but I'm going back for my MSN in a year or two, and that's working against me."
She hired two of us.
So, not only do I have a job, but I have THE job that I've wanted! Super super happy dance wiggle excited. So, I live in LA for a few years. Right on, I've always wanted to check out a beach town, and UCLA med center is a Magnet Hospital- they are amazing- and I love the vibe. The nurses, techs, and docs are color-coded by scrubs, so you can tell who's who when you ask for help. They're all about being polite, and I find that VERY important.
Super cool.

On the down side, a large group of people that my family knows died in plane crash in Butte, MT, and I'm just reeling. It makes starting the quarter a bit odd. Three couples and their kids, 7 children in all. 14 people. Senseless. And, because one of the members of the family owns abortion clinics, the idiot anti-choice people are protesting the memorial service tomorrow. I'm sorry, but there's a time and a place, and that's NOT it. Hmm, let's advocate saving unborn inviable fetuses, but celebrate your horrible heartbreaking loss of active children- WTF?!
I'm disgusted.

And a good friend of mine who had a lung transplant 13 years ago is in the ICU with an aspergillis infection. I am very very worried about her, and I know what that means. She's also fighting some other stuff off, and it's been a struggle for her. I've been waiting for facebook updates to keep me informed.

Doesn't make the first week of the last quarter easy.
There's a lot to think about.

*Deep breath*

I went to bikram yoga today for the first time in about a year. It was absolutely heavenly to be in shivasana and be mindful of my body, to focus on moving and on breathing instead of on running around like a madwoman.

Two friends of mine are beginning MEPN this year as well, both whitewater guides. I'm super excited for both of them, and it makes me happy to know that there are more female guides heading into the world of nursing. :)

Okay, that's the report. Stay tuned..

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