Friday, December 4, 2009


Every day I learn, I am humbled by how much more there is to know.
Here's a sample:

I've learned that fake seizures are indeed, obnoxious.

I've learned that asking a parent, "How are you doing?" when their child is sick and in your care goes a really long way.

I've learned that more people should speak Spanish in California.

I've learned not to trust other peoples' charting and to make my own assessment.

I've learned to try for the "tough stick."

I've learned that no matter your religion, there's a special place in hell for people who hit-and-run 80 year old grandma crossing the street to go to church.

I've learned to go to the doctor, even if he's a jerk, because the time you go to him and it's really a big deal, you earn more respect than you ever imagined.

I've learned to never let it go to your head.

I've learned that I will have days where I seriously screw up, and am grateful that nobody is hurt. (Knock on wood).

I've learned that I love what I do.

I've watched other people sit on their asses and not help out when push comes to shove, and I will never be like that.

I've learned that if you tell me the exact amount of pain medication you need, where to start your IV, and that you're allergic to all meds except ativan and dilaudid, then I consider you a GOMER (Get. Out. Of. My. ER.), and I never thought I'd ever feel that way towards anyone. And if you ask me for a meal tray and then tell me you're suicidal after I refuse because I'm waiting for your lab tests? Then you have incurred my wrath and I resent paying taxes for your visit. And I especially resent you if your ring the call light 40 times while I'm in a pediatric code next door.
See this youtube video, it is so illustrative of the crap I deal with:

I've learned that you cannot, no matter what, give more than 10mEq of Potassium per hour or you will cause a dysrythmia. And I have not done so, thankfully.

I've learned that if you call a nurse "honey," s/he will cringe. And will lag at getting what you need.

I've learned that a good charge nurse is really awesome.

I've learned that even a jerk of a doc can be a really awesome diagnostician.

I've learned that when the doctor says stop CPR, you stop. And you realize that you've done all you can.

I've learned that when you start an IV on a kid, you had better damn well get it the first time, but sometimes you don't, and that's okay.

I've learned that really, everyone who is sick and in the ER is afraid, and if you honor that, then you have a way better chance of connecting and understanding what's going on with your patients.

I've learned that the little things really go a long way.

I've learned that I have a helluva lot more to learn.