Thursday, September 11, 2008


Getting up at 7am again is tough. Getting up at 5am tomorrow is the most daunting activity I can think of. If I didn't have an automatic coffee maker, I don't think I'd make it through this first half-week.
So, the class is now divided into two: Schedule A and B. The A team has advanced med-surg nursing this quarter with a communication class. The B team has Community Health and Labor & Delivery with a class on Socio-Cultural issues. We're bummed as a class to be split up, but it's also really nice to have such small classes.

I'm following the A schedule. We're back on the same floors, and now there's only two MEPNs in our transplant world - not counting the nurses from previous MEPN years. Some guy passed two of us dressed in our conspicuous green tops/khaki bottoms in the hospital hallway, smirked and whispered, "MEPNs..." which made us giggle- he waived and wished us luck. I wondered when he had graduated, or what portion of the master's he's in.

My boyfriend took off to do hurricane relief in New Orleans for FEMA. Actually, we both work for a subcontractor to FEMA, and we are well paid for our work. Helping people get the aid they need is a difficult job sometimes- getting the proportions right when reconstructing property can be tricky. I couldn't go: they require a two week commitment. Will is there, doing housing inspections, and we're all holding our breath to see what happens with Hurricane Ike. They're still doing some cleanup from Gustav, and Ike is forecasted to be even worse than Katrina. I'm hoping everyone evacuates and stays safe. The Texas coast is supposed to be walloped.

Back to school:
I'm excited for this quarter, more excited than I thought I'd be. For one, we have a super stellar professor from last quarter. My advisor was co-teaching with her, and left (and I totally support her- she's a phenomenal clinician from whom I'd love to learn, but she has stuff going on that's important We get to hang out in the ICU, the ED(Emergency Department) and the OR to observe.

We start 12 hour clinical days as well. Tomorrow is the first one of the quarter. We'll see how it goes...

Sorry this entry is so short, but it'll be an early day maƱana.
And I'm totally absorbed in House. Heh.

Good things today: met my super-awesome MEPN buddy, hung out with friends, had a great conversation with a nurse/professor I admire, re-connected with some of my favorite nurses on the floor, had a short clinical day, almost got to paddle outrigger canoe.

I had some real connections with people today. Whenever that happens, it qualifies as a great day.

Today is September 11.
Take a moment to remember.
Take a moment to look forward.

That's all.

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