Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ahh, sleep and relaxation.

Okay, so, a few things I got/get to do during my all-too-short week off from school:
1) Went to Burning Man. I usually go for 10 days, and this time I went for 3. I have photos of the COOLEST art car I've ever seen- a giant duck with flame torches on its head (which is a golden disco ball), a body that changes color- fading from yellow to green to purple, eyes that beamed halogen lights into outer space, a great sound system, and a tail that functions as a dance cage. It blew everyone away. To quote a Burner friend of mine, "that duck was the belle of the ball!" Apparently it cost over $300,000 to build, and the people in the front/back had $5000 headsets to operate it properly. Yes, I kid you not. This thing was spectacular.

Pics of the Duck in day and night:

Sorry the first night shot wasn't so good, but I was tired and it was about 3 in the morning after the Burn. The art cars made a huge wind break out in the middle of the Playa between the Man and the Temple (which was also beautiful) and created a wind-free dance space that was *the best* I've been to yet. It was REALLY fun, but tough to rally to sunrise. The heart car was pretty rad too, and the DJ was incredible. There was also a giant Tetris game, which shot of fireworks every time you leveled up.

1a) Met some awesome folks at Burning Man, including members of Comfort and Joy camp, Black Mamba camp, saw some of my best friends, survived a lot of dust, sat under the Willow tree art installation, and nearly had a hand fasting ceremony that was cut short by a night-time white-out (a night-out?) after the Temple Burn. Spent a lot of time under the Willow tree, met the artist, and when I can find a pic of it, I'll post it because it was insanely beautiful. Okay, here's one, but I need a night shot:

2) Hung out in Truckee, my old stomping ground. Took a final there, online. Met up with some good friends, got drunk on mimosas with those folks and did absolutely nothing, unapologetically. Did laundry, cleaned Playa dust off of myself and my clothes. Woke up in my old house next to the river. Felt peaceful and happy. Sipped coffee. Had bloody marys with breakfast. Felt lazy. It was perfect.

3) Slept. Still sleeping. Lost 5 pounds, sleeping. Okay, well I did dance a ton at the Burn. But sleeping is good.

4) Heading to the American River Festival. Might be paddling with my old race team, sans one member. In fact, there's a distinct possibility that I'll race with them in Argentina in November, but that remains to be seen.

5) Declined being deployed by FEMA to do hurricane relief, which would make me between $450-$1000/day. I have to have 2 weeks availability, and that's not gonna happen. Sigh. Oh well. I'd rather sleep anyway.

6) Probably going to volunteer at SFGeneral ED to try to wrangle a job there eventually.

7) Ate sushi. Still eating sushi. That and sleeping are top priorities. As well as being lazy.

8) NOT thinking about school. Enjoying good weather and the ability to bike ride.

9) Lost my advisor- she quit. Wondering what that will mean, but see number 8, and you'll understand where I am right now. I'll send her an email in a while.

10) Going shopping with girlfriends and drinking foo-foo drinks midday. I'm on vacation. :)

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Jaime and Will said...

Glad you got to spend a couple days at Burning Man. We haven't had any Burners in the clinic yet - you must have done a good job keeping everyone "safe"!