Saturday, June 21, 2008


So, orientation happened. I felt oriented. I came home and completely fell asleep in the arms of my love, because I was exhausted from being talked at.

Some very cool things about orientation: the free breakfast and lunch that are *fantastic,* seeing all the cool people from your interview day who were outgoing and friendly, getting your clinical assignments and having some idea of where you'll be for the entire year. Actually being there. Lunch with a former MEPN (very informational). Bring your laptop; it makes things easier.

Not-so-cool: the reality of financial aid, trying to figure out how the hell you'll get to where you'll be for the next year, getting up at 6:30 after having a month of sleeping way past that, the insane influx of everyone trying to get their ID at the same time (hint for next year- do it at lunch, don't go at the 1-4pm time that's scheduled, because you'll be in line with 60 people).

Other Cool things: Bill, who will be a mainstay of sanity, brought me a little stuffed beaver named Wynona, after the Primus song and because she has been "gay square dancing" a few times with Bill. She's awesome. She even has a little pink necklace. I'll post a photo when I can. She lives in my bookbag now, and makes everyone laugh.

The slight confusion they talk about is true. It's just overwhelming. Be kind to yourself. And start getting sleep.

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