Friday, June 6, 2008

Books. And 3 weekends left.

This weekend is one of the last three I'll have free for six months. My boyfriend and I are heading to one of my favorite rivers, the Kings, to chill out, work a little, and hike/swim a lot. I'm growing more and more excited to start this program, and feeling some trepidation towards what changes lie ahead.


I just got my books. All $440 worth of them (!). Some other folks have found the same books on, but when I looked, it seemed like the editions were not correct, so I went with the university bookstore. It's been a long time since I've written a paper in APA format- my original BA is in Literature and Women's Studies, so I wrote in MLA. Little things, but still...

We have a gmail group of incoming MEPNs, all 20 of whom are talking about what to expect, what the class schedule might be like, what the work load might be like. Anticipation seems to be thick among us.
And we're wondering if our clinical placements might be geographical in nature this year due to gas being $4.25+/gallon instead of $2.50/gallon.

So, scrubs (check), books (check). Questions will be answered on orientation day.
We apparently have also been given MEPN "buddies" who are available to answer questions for incoming students. They're in the middle of preparing for graduation, so this week is tough as far as getting in touch, but I think the concept is intelligent.
It seems we'll get some more info as to what to expect for the summer, and the year. I'm also curious as to what the job prospects are for RNs and NPs, post-graduation.

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