Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Because you don't suck."

Ok, this morning, I was walking towards my car with another ER nurse friend of mine, someone I really just love because she's a great nurse and actually genuinely kind.
And the subject of double time came up -
we get double time pay when we stay over past our 12 hour shift (rocks, seriously). And she made a comment, and I commented back that my pay was not that much.
And she said, "Why? That's BS!"
And I reminded her:
"Well, they started me at the lowest pay possible. I've only been a nurse for 17 months. I'm a baby."

And she stopped, and looked at me, and said, "You know, I forget that, because you don't suck. You're, like, really on top of your sh*t." (that word is obviously "shot" since I work in a trauma center). "You know how some new nurses just suck horribly? You actually are really smart, and everyone likes working with you. I forget that you're new. You're, like, not really new. You're quasi-new. Some people never get it, and you totally get it."

I blushed. I think I muttered something inane and ran towards my car, waving good-bye/good morning.

But I secretly really liked that compliment.
I am scared of being a sucky nurse. And I'm glad that at least some of my co-workers don't perceive me that way, because honestly, I really care.
So, that was kind of awesome.

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