Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Those crowbars are on the floor of Will's grandpa's kitchen. We were pulling out drywall and I put the bars down and *gasp* there it was, love in the middle of us pulling down the walls. Kind of awesome.

Between working night shift and planning a wedding, writing has taken a back burner to life lately. Some fun things have happened: I found my digital camera, although it's not charged, so I can share more fun photos of cool things, like the most awesomest pen light EVAR in the shape of a killer whale that my friend Katie sent me as a thank you- and my little kiddo patients love it. *Happy Dance!*

Wedding plans are deep underway: venue, bridesmaids all picked and dresses purchased, DJ, Photographer, on to cake tasting. The worst part is the list of invitations. We have been *agonizing* over the invites. Anyone who's been a bride knows this pain.

I've also been weeding out sources of stress. This past month, I've gone 50 days without any alcohol (I know, can you believe it?), which was a real eye-opener as far as stress relief goes. Many of us use alcohol to de-stress, and I've had to use other venues, such as walks, yoga, stretching, meditation, tea, art, and of course, shoe shopping. I've had more massages in the past month than I have in the past year. There's been some balance restored. Much needed.
I have also done some work examining (with help) people who have used me in the past or who I have allowed to cross my boundaries - this list includes folks from college to people I work with occasionally, to even patients, and recognizing how much I tolerate without speaking up has lead me to be a lot healthier- and now I let people know immediately if something bugs me. I still have to say in some cases, "If you can't say something nice..." is a good rule, but for the most part, I'm not rolling over on my back anymore.

The smell in the air and the wind and rain has been reminding me of river season. I had a moment, driving up the central valley, where I just flashed back to the first time I drove into a river canyon, and that familiar feeling of love and excitement comes back to me. I can't wait to put my paddle in the water.

That's all for now. Working to get a per diem job, taking another year out from UCSF so I can really have the experience to help me as an expert in the future, and doing work on maintaining and constructing good boundaries.

And I'm also saving up for shoes. Oh my god, shoes.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent comments. I've learned how cool of a sister you are. How important this year is for you. And, how much VirMien loves you. Conflatulations, on EVERYTHING, sista!
Mien Nguyen