Saturday, July 25, 2009

All Thumbs

First of all, I am totally lovin' the Emergency Department (yes, it's a *department* not a *Room* - so when I say ED, you know what I mean).

I have seen so much cool stuff in the past two weeks, and I feel really fortunate to be where I'm at.
I also feel completely bass-ackwards. Somehow, between the end of nursing school and now, I lost all ability to start an IV. In fact, yesterday, I was the anti-IV starter. I blew the most perfect vein I've ever seen, and I have no idea why it was one of those days. It just was.
The nurses I work with have been super nice, "Oh, don't worry, it's ok, we miss too sometimes." Oh yeah? You guys miss on the 99 year old. I missed on the healthy person with an antecubital beauty the size of the Mississippi river.

And with precepting, I kinda feel like I'm in nursing school again, except I can actually sign off on insulin, heparin, and narcotics. I *just* got my ability to chart yesterday, and I still don't have access to the Pyxis. I am about 70% able to help patients as far as logistics go. That's frustrating. And I still don't know where things are.

And I miss my MEPN friends. I am finally making some new ones here, but it's tough, you know?

Growing, growing, growing.

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Anonymous said...

You can do it!!