Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh Yeah, I Got a JOB!

It's been official for a few months, but I wanted to wait until the New Hire paperwork, etc was done until I posted about it.

I'm an ER nurse as of July this year. Woot! I feel super SUPER lucky to even have a job, and to have an ER job? Whoa. Awesome.

People have asked what I did. I started looking in October. My resume was done in December, and I had all of my recommendations together as well. I applied everywhere, even to places I didn't think I'd live (like LA), and ended up with a job at UCLA med center. Sweet. Nobody here in the SF Bay is hiring, and had I waited for a position here, I think I would have been unemployed. A lot of new grad programs have been canceled, which means there will be a shortage again, eventually.

I never thought I'd live in LA, but being next to the beach isn't such a bummer, let me tell you. Plus, it's only for a year or two, before I finish my MSN back at UCSF after this "step-out" year. Awesome.

So, I'll be moving here:

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